The grandfather Antonio Vecellio (born 1883), home-going from Germany where he was a roast chestnuts pitchman, took over the original building, date at XVII century, from family Cavallino during 1920. Immediately he started the hotelier’s activity with the assistance of his wife, Lisetta De Tone, and their five children. The foodstuffs refueling reached directly from the stable, prosperous of pigs, rabbits and chickens; whereas the wine charioted from the Conegliano’s Serena wine cellar (our supplier ever now) after a post card order. After the beginning of the hospitality’s activity, at the end of the First World War, improvements and extensions are run. In 1957, after Antonio Vecellio’s death, he was replaced at the helm by his daughter Eny and his son Gino. From 1977 the hotel is managed from Antonio, Gino’s son, and his mother Teresa.